Python Syllabus

 Core Python

 Python Introduction
 What Can Python Do?, History and features
  Working with Python
 Python Installation
 Python Basic Syntax
  Variable and Data Types
 Conditional Statements - if, if-else and nested if-else
 Looping - for, while, nested loops
 Control Statements - break, continue and pass
 String Manipulation - String and its functions
 Python Lists - working with lists and its Function and Methods
 Python Tuples - working with tuples and its Function and Methods
 Python Sets - working with sets and its Function and Methods
 PPython Dictionaries - working with dictionaries and its Function and Methods
 Python Functions - working with functions and types of functions
 Python Modules
 Python JSON
 Python RegEx
 Python PIP
 Python Exception Handling
 Programming Examples

 Python File Handling

 Python File Open
 Python read file
 Write/Create files
 Delete files
 Programming Examples

 Python MySQL

 MySQL Database
 Python MySQL Create Database
 Python MySQL Create Table
 Python MySQL Insert Into Table
 Python MySQL Select From
 Python MySQL Where
 Python MySQL Order By
 Python MySQL Delete From
 Python MySQL Drop Table
 Python MySQL Update Table
 Python MySQL Limit
 Python MySQL Join
 Programming Examples

 OOPs concept

 Class and object
 Data hiding
 Programming Examples


 Starting a thread
 Threading module
 Synchronizing threads
 Multithreaded Priority
 Programming Examples

 GUI Programming

 Tkinter programming
 Tkinter widgets
 Programming Examples

 Web Application

 Introduction to Django
 Understanding Django environment
 Create and run web apps using Django


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