PHP Syllabus

 Core PHP

 PHP Introduction
 What Can PHP Do?
 Why PHP?
 PHP Installation
 PHP Syntax
 PHP Comments
 PHP Variables
 PHP echo and print Statements
 PHP Data Types
 PHP Strings and its functions
 PHP Numbers
 PHP Constants
 PHP Operators
 PHP if...else...elseif Statements
 PHP switch Statement
 PHP Loops - while, do while and for
 PPHP Functions
 PHP Arrays
 PHP Global Variables - Superglobals
 Programming Examples

 PHP Forms

 PHP Form Handling
 PHP Form Validation
 PHP Forms - Required Fields
 PHP Forms - Validate E-mail and URL
 PHP Complete Form Example
 Programming Examples

 PHP Advanced

 PHP Multidimensional Arrays
 PHP Date and Time
 PHP Include Files
 PHP File Handling
 PHP File Open/Read/Close
 PHP File Create/Write
 PHP File Upload
 PHP Cookies
 PHP Sessions
 PHP Filters
 Programming Examples

 PHP and MySQL Database

 MySQL Database
 PHP Connect to MySQL
 PHP Create a MySQL Database
 PHP Create MySQL Tables
 PHP Insert Data Into MySQL
 PHP Get ID of Last Inserted Record
 PHP Insert Multiple Records Into MySQL
 PHP Prepared Statements
 PHP Select Data From MySQL
 PHP Delete Data From MySQL
 PHP Update Data in MySQL
 PHP Limit Data Selections From MySQL
 Programming Examples


 AJAX Introduction
 HP Example - AJAX and XML
 PHP Example - AJAX Live Search
 Programming Examples


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