Node.js Syllabus


 Advantages of Node JS
  Traditional Web Server Model
 Node.js Process Model
 Setup Development Environment
  Node JS Console

 - Node JS Modules

 Module Types
 Core Modules
 Local Modules

 - Node Package Mananger

 What is NPM
 Installing Packages Locally
 Adding dependency in package.json
  Installing packages globally
 Updating packages

 - Creating Web server

 Creating web server
 Handling http requests
 Sending requests

 - File System

 Writing a File
 Writing a file asynchronously
 Opening a file
 Deleting a file
 Other IO Operations

 - Events

 EventEmitter class
 Returning event emitter
 Inhering events

 - Express.JS

 Configuring routes
 Working with express

 Node.js MySQL

 MySQL Database
 DNode.js MySQL Create Database
 Node.js MySQL Create Table
 Node.js MySQL Insert Into
 Node.js MySQL Select From
 Node.js MySQL Where
 Node.js MySQL Order By
 Node.js MySQL Delete
 Node.js MySQL Update
 Node.js MySQL Join


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