JavaScript Syllabus


 JavaScript Introduction
 JavaScript Syntax
  JavaScript Variables
 JavaScript Operators
 JavaScript Data Types
  JavaScript Functions
 JavaScript Objects
 JavaScript Events
 JavaScript String and its methods
 JavaScript Numbers and its methods
 JavaScript Arrays and its methods
 avaScript Date and date formats
 avaScript get and set methods
 JavaScript Math Object
 JavaScript Random
 Conditional Statements
 JavaScript Loops
 JavaScript Type Conversion
 JavaScript Regular Expressions
 Exception Handling
 JavaScript Scope
 avaScript Hoisting
 The "use strict" Directive
 this Keyword
 Arrow Function
 JavaScript Classes
 JavaScript Debugging
 JavaScript Style Guide and Coding Conventions
 ECMAScript 5 - JavaScript 5
 ECMAScript 6 - ECMAScript 2015

 JS Forms

 JavaScript Form Validation
 JavaScript Validation API


 DOM Methods
 DOM Document
 DOM Elements etc.


 AJAX Introduction
 AJAX - Request and Response
 AJAX XML Example
 AJAX PHP Example
 AJAX Database Example


 JSON - Introduction
 JSON Syntax
 JSON DataTypes
 arsing JSON
 JSON Objects
 JSON Arrays etc.


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