HTML Syllabus


 HTML Introduction
 HTML Basic Examples
  HTML Elements
 HTML Attributes
 PHTML Headings
  HTML Paragraphs
 HTML Styles
 HTML Text Formatting
 HTML Colors
 HTML Styles - CSS
 HTML Links
 HTML Images
 HTML Tables
 HTML Lists
 HTML Block and Inline Elements
 HTML - The class Attribute
 HTML - The id Attribute
 HTML Iframes
 HTML File Paths
 HTML head Element
 HTML Layouts
 HTML Responsive Web Design
 HTML Computer Code Elements
 HTML Entities
 HTML Layouts

 HTML Forms

 HTML Forms Introduction
 HTML Form Elements
 HTML Input Types
 HTML Input Attributes
 Programming Examples

 HTML Graphics

 HTML5 Canvas
 Programming Examples

 HTML Media

 HTML Multimedia
 HTML5 Video
 HTML5 Audio
 HTML Plug-ins
 HTML YouTube Videos
 Programming Examples


 HTML5 Geolocation
 HTML5 Drag and Drop
 HTML5 Web Storage
 HTML5 Web Workers
 HTML5 Server-Sent Events
 Programming Examples


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