Core Java Syllabus

 Introduction to java

 Java - What, Where and Why?
 History and Features of Java
 Writing simple java programs
 Compiling and executing java programs
 Difference between JDK,JRE and JVM
 Data types
 Type casting
 Naming conventions
 Receiving User Input

 OOPS Concepts

 Class and Object
 Wrapper classes
 Encapsulation and Abstraction
 Constructor - Types of Constructor, Constructor Overloading, Copy Constructor, Chaining Of Constructors
 Method overloading and this keyword
 Inheritance - Types of Inheritance, super keyword, Method Overriding,
 Access Specifiers
 abstract keyword
 Anonymous Class
 final Keyword
 static keyword
 Object class


 What is Array?
 Types of array
 Declaring and initializing array
 length property and for each loop
 Jagged array


 Interface Declaration
 Implementing the Interface
 Using interface references
 Extending Interfaces
 Implementing Multiple Interfaces

 String Handling

 Creating String
 String Literals
 String Methods

 Exception Handling

 Types of Exceptions
 Use of try, catch, throw and throws keywords
 Unreachable code error
 Different places to handle exceptions
 Throwing our own Exceptions



 Thread and Multithreading
 Thread class and Runnable interface
 The main thread
 Creating Thread
 Thread Methods

 Input and output

 FileOutputStream & FileInputStream
 BufferedOutputStream & BufferedInputStream
 FileWriter & FileReader
 Input from keyboard by InputStreamReader
 Input from keyboard by Console
 Input from keyboard by Scanner
  Serialization & Deserialization


 Life Cycle of Applet
 Graphics in Applet
 Displaying image in Applet
 Animation in Applet
 EventHandling in Applet

 AWT and EventHandling

 AWT Controls
 Event Handling
 Event classes and Listener Interfaces
 Adapter classes
 Creating Games and Applications


 Collection Framework
 List - ArrayList and LinkedList
 Set - HashSet, LinkedHashSet, TreeSet
 Map - HashMap, LinkedHashMap, TreeMap
 Map - Comparable and Comparator interfaces
 Map - Properties class


 JDBC Drivers
 Steps to connect to the database
 Connectivity with Oracle
 Connectivity with MySQL
 Connection interface
 Statement interface
 ResultSet interface

 Mini Project

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