C++ Syllabus

 Introduction to C++

 What is C++ ?
 A Simple C++ Program
 Program execution phases
 Character set
 Data Types
 Basic Structure of a C++ program
 Programming Examples

 Operators and Expressions

 Operators in C++
 Scope Resolution Operator
 Member Dereferencing Operators
 Memory Management Operators
 Expressions and their Types
 Special Assignment Expressions
 Implicit Conversions
 Operator Overloading
 Operator Precedence
 Programming Examples

 Functions in C++

 The Main Function
 Function Prototyping

 Call by value and call by reference

 Inline Function
 Default Arguments
 const Arguments
 Function Overloading
 Friend and Virtual functions
 Programming Examples

 Classes and Objects

 Specifying a Class
 Defining Member Functions
 A C++ Program with Class
 Access Specifiers
 Arrays within a Class
 Memory Allocation for Objects
 Static members and functions
 Arrays of Objects
 Objects as Function Arguments
 Friendly Functions
 Returning Objects
 Programming Examples

 Constructors and Destructors

 What is Constructor?
 Types of Constructors
 Constructor overloading
 Copy Constructor
 Programming Examples

 Operator Overloading

 Defining Operator Overloading
 Overloading Unary Operators
 Overloading Binary Operators
 Overloading Binary Operators Using Friends
 Rules for Overloading Operators
 Programming Examples


 What is Inheritance?
 Types of Inheritance
 Implementation of different types of inheritance
 Virtual Base Classes
 Abstract Classes
 Constructor in derived classes
 Programming Examples

 Pointers and Virtual Functions

 Pointer Introduction
 Pointers to object
 this pointer
 Pointer to derived classes
 Virtual Functions
 Programming Example

 Managing Console 1/0 Operations

 C++ Streams
 C++ Stream Classes
 Unformatted l/O Operations
 Formatted Console I/O Operations
 Managing Output with Manipulators

 Working with Files

 Classes for File Stream Operations
 Opening and C1osing a File
 Detecting end-of-file
 File Modes
 File Pointers and their manipulation
 Sequential Input and Output Operations
 Error Handling During File Operations


 Class Templates
 Class Templates with Multiple Parameters
 Function Templates
 Function Templates with Multiple Parameters
 Overloading of Template Functions
 Member Function Templates

 Exception Handling

 <Basics of Exception Handling
 <Exception Handling Mechanism
 <Catching and Throwing exceptions
 <Re-throwing exceptions

 Manipulating Strings

 Creating (string) Objects
 Manipulating String Objects
 string functions
 Programming Examples

 New Features of ANSI C+ + Standard

 New Data Types
 New Operators
 Class Implementation
 Namespace Scope
 Programming Examples


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