Advance Java Syllabus

 Introduction to Servlet

 Servlet - What, Where and Why?
 Web Terminology - Servlet and Client Server Communication , HTTP Protocol - HTTP Request, HTTP Response, HTTP Methods
 Servlet API
 Servlet Interface
 Servlet Life Cycle
 How servlet works?
 servlet in Netbeans
 sservlet in Eclipse
 Working with Apache Tomcat Server
 Working with Glassfish Server

 ServletRequest and ServletRequest

 Working with ServletRequest
 ServletRequest methods
 Working with ServletRequest
 ServletRequest methods

 Servlet Collaboration



 Working with ServletConfig
 ServletConfig methods


 Working with ServletContext
 ServletContext methods

 Session Management

 HttpSession Interface
 URL Rewriting



 Working with Filter
 Filter methods
 Filter life cycle
 Authentication Filter

 Servlet Listeners

 ServletRequestAttribute Listener
 HttpSessionAttribute Listener
  ServletContextAttribute Listener

 JDBC and Servlet

 Introduction to JSP

 JSP and its advantages
 JSP Life cycle -JspPage interface, HttpJspPage Interface
 JSP in NetBeans and Eclipse

 Scripting elements

 scriptlet tag
 expression tag
 declaration tag

 JSP Implicit Objects


 JSP Directives

 page Directive
 include and taglib Directives

 JSP Action Elements


 JSP Expression Language (EL)

 EL implicit Objects
 Precedence of EL Operators

 JSTL (JSP Standard tag library)

 Core tag library
 Formatting/Internationalization Tag Library
 SQL Tag Library
 XML Tag Library
 JSTL Functions

 Custom tags

 Working with custom tags

 Introduction to Struts and Hibernate

 Project using Servlet and JSP

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